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This blog is about how we might improve mental health systems planning using web-implemented tools like :

  • Databases for detailing the contents of plans
  • Simulations for evaluating planning options, and
  • Media for communicating about plans, sharing expertise, and building a supportive community for mental health planners

I will provide references to and possibly review articles, reports and other resources I find interesting or important  for mental health planning.  The blog will also link to  trial versions of applications like databases and simulations.

Post your own messages as the spirit moves you.  I’ll be moderating the blog to keep the topic on mental health planning, particularly quantitative planning, and to see that things don’t get personal.  If you’re not sure a message is right for the blog, I encourage you to send it along.

I hope you find Mental Health Planning by the Numbers Useful and the basis of a supportive community.



Steve Leff,  Ph.D.

Organizational Afffiliations

**Senior Vice President,
Human Services Research Institute

**Associate Professor
Harvard Medical School
Department of Psychiatry
At The Cambridge Health Alliance

**The opinions expressed on Mental Health Planning by the Numbers are Steve Leff’s or commenters’, and in no way represent positions of either The Human Services Research Institute or the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry at The Cambridge Health Alliance

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About Steve

H. Stephen Leff, Ph.D. Steve is a Senior Vice President at the Human Services Research Institute and Associate Professor in the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry at the Cambridge Health Alliance. His work has focused on mental health systems evaluation and planning. Currently, he is Principal Investigator for the National Evaluation of the Center for Mental Health Services’ Mental Health Transformation State Incentive Grant Program and Director of The Evaluation Center@HSRI, a program to provide technical assistance nationally for the evaluation of adult mental health systems change.

Steve’s interests include systems lanning and pevaluation, evidence-based practices, the measurement of cultural competency, fidelity measurement, and linking evaluation and planning activities. He has designed a computer and web – implemented needs assessment and resource allocation tool for mental health planning – The Mental Health Allocation and Planning Model Simulation (MHAPS), and a computer and web – implemented project management tool (Transformation Manager) for state and local mental health agencies. Currently, he also is working on a consumer survey to measure the cultural acceptability of treatment

Steve has been the Principal Investigator for several SAMHSA multi-site projects and research grants funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. He has authored a number of published articles and technical reports. He has also served as a reviewer of research grant proposals and state mental health plans for NIMH and CMHS.

Steve is a clinical psychologist and was formerly Assistant Commissioner of Information Systems, Evaluation and Planning in the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. In 1996, he was elected to full membership in the Harvard-Radcliff Chapter of Sigma Xi.